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➜ Which size should I choose?

We generally recommend:

1" small for cats, puppies, and dogs under 30 lbs

1.25" medium for dogs 30-60 lbs

1.5" large for dogs 60+ lbs

If you'd prefer that the tag appear more/less prominent in relation to your pet's body, consider choosing a size up/down from the one suggested. If your pet already wears another tag, we recommend measuring its diameter for comparison.

➜ Which metal should I choose?

Aluminum is super lightweight, making it a great choice for small pets. As a relatively soft metal, it's more susceptible to wear and tear, so it might not be best for pets who are especially rough on their tags. However, it won't tarnish like most other metals, so it'll keep its bright silver color.

Brass and copper are both heavier, more substantial metals. Both will oxidize, darkening the metal to an earthy, vintage color. This is a natural and often desired characteristic of these metals, but if you prefer to keep your pet's tag bright & shiny, you can polish it with any cleaning solution suitable for brass or copper jewelry.

➜ Is the engraving durable?

Absolutely! Most types of engraving just lightly scratch or print onto the outer surface of the item. These methods are fine for the fragile jewelry worn by people, but they don't always withstand the more rugged activities of our four-legged companions.

At Wild Horizon, we specialize in items made exclusively for animals, so we've developed our own advanced engraving technique that cuts directly into the core of the metal - as deep as the very best hand stamping, but with increased precision and legibility. This ensures that even as the surface of your best friend's tag gets scratched up from life's adventures, his or her vital information can't wear away!

➜ Will my pet's name fit on the tag?

Almost definitely! We adjust the font size for the best possible fit on each tag; long names will generally be a bit smaller than short names. In the rare instance that a name is too long to look good on the tag you chose, we'll contact you with alternate options.

➜ Can you engrave punctuation, accent marks, or other languages?

Yes, we can engrave punctuation marks, accent marks (like ñ or ö), common symbols (like @ or #), and most Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Greek characters.

➜ Can you do a custom image on the tag for me?

All Wild Horizon pet tags feature our own original, hand-drawn artwork (not clipart or premade stamps) which is carefully converted into engraving using advanced techniques. Due to the significant time required to create each design, we're not able to offer custom artwork for individual tags. Every design we currently offer is shown in our shop. Thanks for understanding!

If you'd simply like to remove an element from an existing design (for example, you'd like the Lightning tag without the rain), that's usually much easier for us to do; just let us know in your note at checkout.

➜ Can you send me a mockup for approval?

Sorry, we don't offer mockups; this helps us keep prices low and turnaround times fast. We’ve included many images in our shop to give you a good sense of what your pet’s finished tag will look like. We individually create each tag to look the very best with the design and text requested; thank you for trusting us to make your pet’s tag look amazing!